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I often brisk walk for rapid reaching of destination, and my legs aren't in bad shape; I have always been a walker, do calf exercises, but the front part of the calf (as mentioned in title). Why would it hurt? I didn't know that muscle needs to be worked.

Does the tibialis anterior need exercise directly (isolated) to get stronger, or is the pain there from walking from another potential reason?

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This is normal. It happens when walking quickly because you're pushing off the ground harder, your tibialis anterior needs to work harder to slow that down and bring your ankle back into dorsiflexion, and it holds it in that position longer than when running. Unless you ramp up your speed-walking too suddenly, it should just balance out eventually.

Here's a small reference:

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I used to have that problem and it went away after two or three weeks of doing squats, just three sets of 12 reps without any weight.

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