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Due to very bad smog situation that will last at least couple of weeks, I can't go running outside. I was thinking I could supplement long distance running by some jump rope excercises at home. I am used to running 10km/1 hour regularly. I am not sure what kind of excercies should I do, never tried jump rope before (only as a kid).

  • HIIT? Or just jump as long as I can?
  • With running shoes? Or bare feet on yoga mat? I have hard floor
  • Any special requirement for the jump rope?

I have read the following questions and I believe it could work, with proper routine:

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The smog coming from the forest fires in Indonesia will affect you inside as well as outside, unless you have air filters inside or you wear a suitable face mask (e.g. a mask with an N95 rating).

If you insist on working out inside and you can't find a treadmill to use somewhere then you can try jumping rope. I would advise you to start jumping rope slowly, focusing on your skill. Anytime you start a new physical activity you run the risk of injury because your body is not used to the new demands.

Here is a good article online about jumping rope: Jump Rope Training

This article recommends trying to do 20 second intervals without tripping on the rope, and building from there.

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It's a compromise. I must do something. The quality of air inside my house is ok, better than in the nearby gym. – sm4 Jun 24 '13 at 15:26

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