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I am planning to start regular workouts in the gym and want to monitor my progress. Measuring body fat seems like a good starting point and I've already read about various methods to achieve that. I was wondering whether there is a point in measuring whole body fat when you have disproportionate body?

My case: I am a female with quite thin yet muscular upper body - narrow arms, protruding collar bone, strong back and flat belly. The lower body is also muscular but with a proper layer of fat especially around hips and thighs. By visual inspection the two parts clearly have different fat percentage (even when considering the fact that females should have some fat around hips). Is there a way to estimate body fat only for lower or upper body? Or maybe the whole body measure is sufficient? I am mainly interested in working on my lower body to achieve some balance and to monitor my progress I don't want to rely only on a mirror as the perception of my own body may change and I can get very critical at times.

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I mean if ur gonna take the time to get skin fold calipers why not just do the full measurement –  aaronman Aug 4 '13 at 2:37

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