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I have been working out since 3 months. Initially, my aim was to increase weight. I increased my weight by 3 kgs during this time.

Now I feel confident and comfortable lifting moderately heavy weights. So, I want to shift my focus in giving my body a good muscular build.

Presently my workout is of 6 days a week. I workout for 1 hr. My weight is 59 kg and height is 175 cms. Workout basically consists of each body part each day; warmups included.

I want to ask, whether to get a more muscular look, do I have to include anything else in my routine? I also want to ramp up my exercises to achieve my goal. In what direction should I spend my energy - exercise, now?

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"Do I have to include anything else in my routine?" No idea, you haven't told us what your routine consists of right now other than "each body part each day". – Anthony Grist Aug 15 '13 at 8:24

Looking at your weight and height I can tell you right now you will need to focus on what you eat. You need to create a bulking diet(I just answered that question here: Bulking diet)

While the workout itself is important diet is still 80%-90% of progress. There are so many good routines by doing a quick Google search that I see no need to repeat one here. Just get your diet right and the rest will follow.

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