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According to "[canes] actually make balancing easier while giving the appearance of more difficulty".

Is that true?

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I haven't done any of those exercises; however, based on the design of the canes, it seems very plausible that balancing will be easier.

From observation, the base of the cane is much wider than the height ( or human palms); as a result, it provides a solid balancing base for the user.

Equally important is the width of the cane's top; the design is flat and as wide as a human palm, which makes it easy to balance onto.

The only two concerns are

  • The metal frame must be strong enough to handle the user's weight.
  • The user's height is further increased, which might be inconvenient for some people.

If these concerns are addressed, I don't see any reason why balancing shouldn't be easier with the cane.

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