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I did two rounds of the MadCow 5x5 program and ending a 13 month cycle of the 5/3/1 Jim Wendler program (month 12 starts next week) - I've gotten GREAT GAINS from both. I'm not looking to move on to another program OR restart the 5/3/1 with new max #'s. I've looked into the Cube method and would like to hear from people who did MadCow and/or 5/3/1 what they moved on to and what they would recommend (please only respond if you actually did either of these OR like programs). So - what program would you recommend and why. Current Max's

  • Squat - 315lbs
  • Bench - 250l bs
  • Dead Lift - 425lbs
  • Press - 165 lbs
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Just curious, is there any reason you don't want to continue 5/3/1 or MadCow? Were they too hard or they lost their values? –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Mar 25 at 19:25
I'm actually back on 5/3/1 - cycle 4. I was looking for something 'new' and found 5/3/1 with a little customization was best for me - thanks –  Meade Rubenstein Mar 25 at 22:08
Have you tried Strong Lifts? What do you think of it? –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Mar 25 at 22:24
I haven't tried strong lifts, but I did do MadCow and thought that was a great pure linear program - 2 cycles and then moved on to 5/3/1 –  Meade Rubenstein Mar 26 at 9:38
Do you remember your lifting stats before you started any of these programs? Deadlifts, squats, overhead press, and chest? –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Mar 26 at 15:17

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