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My situation:

I am 23 6'1/1m85, 188 lbs/85kg and I play squash at a national league level. I usually train twice to three times a week, always having at least a rest day inbetween. However, when there are tournaments, I often find myself having to play on 2 to 3 consecutive days. The first of these days is perfect as far as my knees go. However, on the following days, I will get sore knees while playing, with both knees being equally sore.

This only seems to happen with squash. I once prepared for a half-marathon and ran 10+km everyday for about 3 months, and I've never experienced trouble with my knees.

What I've read:

Apparently the problem I have is short quads and/or short hamstrings, or quads that are not equally strong on both sides of the knee. I don't think I have arthritis because I don't fit the symptoms. Moreover, I should've felt discomfort even when running I suppose. I've had bad posture when I was younger, where my upper thigh muscles were too short and were making my back arch inwards - this is why I think it might be a short muscle issue. Other than that, I have good shoes, and the squash floors have decent shock absorption.

What I've come for:

I would like to have your take on this.

  1. Do you think it could be something else ?
  2. Did you have the same issue with high impact vs low impact sports ?
  3. How would you recommend to stretch quads and hamstrings best ? I can't seem to do it properly
  4. What exercises would you do to strengthen the quads ?

I'm looking forward for your advice.

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I think the question is related more to diagnosis than sports. As a result, you might want to check with the respective medical experts. –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Mar 25 '14 at 18:33

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