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I know several metabolic equations for estimating VO2 (and therefore calories burned) for steady state exercise, but how is VO2 and caloric expenditure estimated through exercises like power lifting and explosive exercise, like burpees?

This being said, what are the METs (metabolic equivalents) for such exercises? All METs I have seen are for physical activity, not for specific exercises.

I would like to know the caloric value of different exercises to estimate whether or not one is over-training.

My current formal education is heavily focused on health vs performance.

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There are a few MET charts around that list powerlifting as a general category, but not for individual lifts. For Burpess and similar, I don't think they've ever broken them down individually, I've always just used the figures for various intensities of calisthenics. –  JohnP Jan 9 at 19:18

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