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As I was reading the description on the back of a gaming mouse carton, "50g of acceleration", I was thinking: "A human hand cannot possibly get close to this kind of acceleration!" The ensuing google-search only came up with results as to how much acceleration the human body can withstand, not how much it can produce, so that is why I decided to ask here:

How much acceleration can an average human being generate? (Even if it is just a short burst)

What body part generates the most? How much is it?

How much can the elbow/wrist (whatever is involved in moving a computer mouse) generate?

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I'd vote for snapping your fingers or closing your eyes. Both produce a fast movement really fast. No idea how large the acceleration might be though. –  Jens Schauder Jan 26 at 9:03
I guess one could take measurements from this video: youtube.com/watch?v=isuMXCYhto4 –  Jens Schauder Jan 26 at 9:08
I'd second finger snapping, although blinking makes the eyelid accelerate greatly without a "force acumulator", such as the holder finger used in finger snapping. –  Wolter Hellmund Jan 27 at 2:42
This may be more of a physics question. Do note that the effects of changing direction very quickly can generate more "G" forces at the peak of the direction change. Moving a light weight object like a mouse back and forth quickly would be one reason that the mouse would have to be engineered for excessive G forces. –  Berin Loritsch Jan 27 at 16:17

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