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Will a low GI index food diet help in weight loss for a Type 2 Diabetic vegetarian ? I also exercise regularly for my keeping in check my blood sugar levels.

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Your question is a bit general. What are your overall goals (become ripped, lose some weight, stay fit, get more healthy)? And what kind of 'help' do you expect from the diet? – LarissaGodzilla Mar 24 '14 at 14:06

This is a similar issue concerning the whole simple vs complex carb myth.

Typically foods that have a high glycemic index have a relatively low to zero fat content which causes your body to digest high GI foods faster.

High-GI ‘carbohydrates’ (sugars), simple or complex, are digested far more quickly than we can burn them for energy, whereupon our bodies convert them into fat and store them as fat—leaving us hungry, even though we are gaining weight!

Then, we get a transient dopamine rush and subsequent serotonin high before our blood sugar crashes, but that decreases over time as we get fatter—meaning that we are chemically as well as metabolically addicted to sugar (‘carbohydrates’).

The benefits of eating low GI foods or high GI foods with the appropriate amount of fats relative to weight loss for anyone, including diabetics, include:

  • More satisfaction from the meals you do eat, decreasing the risk of overeating due to lingering hunger from foods that merely spike blood sugar and leave you wanting more, which indirectly aids in weight loss if you're counting calories or partaking in targeted dieting for weight loss or weight control
  • Demotes food cravings
  • Decreased risk to develop insulin-resistance and diabetic symptoms and conditions
  • If you're already diabetic then low GI foods help control already unstable blood sugar levels and high blood pressure


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