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I have been reading the book "Body By Science" (summarized in the question Troubleshooting "Body By Science" workout) and so far have one such "big-5" workout under my belt (it was awesome btw). The book heavily emphasizes the rest period as such an intense workout requires lots and lots of time to recover from (typically 7 days). The book also strongly cautions against "training angst".

Enter my issue: I'm suffering from severe training angst, but less in the sense that I am worried about not doing enough to get results and more in the sense that I love working out. In addition, I've been carb cycling for a while (weekly carb-ups with severe carb restriction in between) and am worried that I'm not completely emptying my glycogen stores with the single workout, meaning I'll be over-eating carbs on the weekends. Final consideration is that one of my goals is to increase muscular speed, which I had been doing with explosive exercises such as burpees, sort of the opposite of this routine. The book doesn't mention contraction speed as a benefit of this type of exercise and intuitively it doesn't seem like it would be.

So to get to the point, my question is this: are there any exercises/workouts that won't undermine recovery from ultra-intense workout a-la BBS? Ideally I could workout 3 or 4 days per week including the BBS workout. Bonus points if they utterly deplete glycogen stores and improve muscle contraction speed.

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