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I am planning to start taking Olympic lifting classes. Since I want to take it seriously, I wanted to makes sure I am geared properly. Currently, I am using orthotics due to the leg length discrepancy (longer left leg) and flat feet which is combined with hyper-mobile feet.

Because of the collapsing of my arches on my feet, my feet have naturally gotten wider than average and it is sometimes a pain to find proper shoes also. I would love to do all my power lifts bare-feet but experience shows me that it is best to do it with orthotic intervention. So I need some sort of vessel to house the correction insoles and make sure there is no intra-foot movement, because I once tried dead-lift only with the soles, and that turned into a fiasco due to lack of traction... even Steve Wonder saw that coming!

The gear I currently use are: - Chuck taylors for powerlifting excersizes - Asic Gel Nimbus 15 for running - Adidas Supernova Glide for running, walking with anti-pronation support for walking - Adidas Samba classics from the 90's with a tough rubber sole for when I need a change of gear.

I have a couple of questions regarding this. I hope you folks can help me.

  • Which brands do you use? (I was thinking of Adidas Adipower or Adidas power perfect 2)
  • What type of materials should I ask my podiatrist to use in case new insoles need to be cast
  • What else can I do or use to make sure that learning Olympic lifts will be more fun than rather concentrating on corrections and deficits all the time?

Thanks a big bunch!

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Wow! You seem to have a lot of shoes for working out. Isn't that a big pain to remember what to wear for what exercise? :) –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Apr 6 at 18:51
I have a habit of checking out what really works out for me and checking specs is what I do ifirst on when I am into something. It also eases my mind to have an appropriate gear for a given target which in the long term makes sure that moneywise I get the best out of the equipment. for the remebering part: It might sound autistic but I prepare my gear in the evening before and since I know what I am doing the next day, the right shoe for the day goes in the dufflebag and gets out while preparing for the next. –  lightblack Apr 6 at 19:09
So, what happens if you need to perform more than one exercise? Maybe walking after a run (as that's common during runs) . You aren't gonna stop to change your shoes, are you? :) –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Apr 6 at 19:26
To be honest, I change them if it is necessary, but usually I bench with running shoes and then do 400m sprints afterwards. And I have s speicific GPP day where I take multiple pairs. –  lightblack Apr 7 at 8:10
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