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Question: what kind of doctor should I see to assess whether or not my body fat can be reduced through further diet and exercise?

Background: I've been an avid CrossFitter for over 2 years. I work out about 5 times a week. I eat healthy (mostly paleo plus dairy with occasional cheat meals). In February I started measuring and tracking my food intake via the Zone Diet simply so I can make sure to eat enough food and get enough fat/protein/carbs.

I was fat from elementary school through college due to bad diet and lack of exercise. Now I'm "skinny fat" and no matter how I adjust my diet or activity level, my level of "flab" does not change. I got down to 165 lbs at 6'1" and still had flab despite a somewhat gaunt appearance.

My primary doctor examined me and said I would never be able to lose it naturally – I'm stuck with it. While I believe she's right, I'd like to get a 2nd opinion from someone with expertise in body composition. Any direction?

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