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Are there any other runners out there who have bunions on their feet? If so, has running led to any long-term or short-term health problems? Is it worthwhile to get a special pair of shoes to accommodate the bunions?

I've heard conflicting answers on this, from both professionals and well-meaning people who don't necessarily have bunions themselves. I don't think my bunions have affected my running, though I've been told that I walk on the outside of my feet, and when I run, my feet roll towards the inside, onto my bunions. I've also been told that my bunions raise the risk of hurting my arch, or cause me to run flat-footed. I was told this by a running-shoe salesman, however; in reality, how bad is it to be running flat-footed? Having read Born To Run, the jury's still out for me there.

My bunions are the type where the joint where my big toe meets my metatarsus (the inside edge of the balls of my feet) protrudes outwards significantly more than usual. The bones of my feet have just grown that way; it's not a case of chafing leading to calluses, as I originally thought bunions were.

(Also, for reference, I'm just an amateur runner; I don't work on any particular goals except for continuous running, and I usually just toss on my shoes and go without planning much beforehand.)

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Hi I don't have bunions, but if it was me, there are 2 things I would do. I would go to a specialised running shop, and see what they say. Try more than one, to see if they say the same thing. I would also, see a GP. I don't know how much problems your bunions cause you, but they must be a nuisance for all kinds of shoes, not just running. I'd ask my GP to refer me to get them looked at. You can then ask the specialist your questions about running shoes, and you may have the option to be rid of them.... Hope that helps... – Tracy at 2bactive Apr 22 '14 at 15:06
Comments cannot be answers...please post your comment as an answer @Tracyat2bactive – Hituptony Apr 10 '15 at 15:40
Try altra shoes. – Eric Kaufman May 31 '15 at 12:39
Don't take the advice of running store employees (or anyone) as final. Just because they work in a running store doesn't mean they are experts in the field. – joshreesjones Oct 27 '15 at 0:41

I've heard from my trainer that you could really hurt yourself if you continue to run with bunions on hard surfaces. I'd suggest running on a track (the rubberized kind) or on grass - even bare feet would be ok. Alternately if you live near a beach, running on dry sand is also a great idea. Finally if none of the above are options, get yourself a good pair of shoes and hit a treadmill.

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