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As a part of a good workout I'm struggling between floor presses with dumbbells and basic pushups. What are the pros/cons of choosing one over the other? Both seem similar compound movements that involve the chest quite a bit, so it's hard to choose one for my routine.

My goal is muscle mass gain.

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Go with the basic pushup. Because of the angle of the arms, if you do a floor press with dumbbell (Assuming you mean a bench press type of movement) then you are missing almost half of the available range of motion.

If you need more resistance on the traditional pushup, you can wear weighted vests, elevate your feet on stairs or chairs, things like that.

If you are talking about doing pushups while on dumbbells instead of the floor, then Tracy is correct, there isn't going to be a big difference until you start elevating the feet and varying the angle of the pushup (Which will do the same with or without dumbbells involved).

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I would say there isn't too much difference. You probably go slightly lower on the press using dumbbells. So arguably this could be deemed harder. Personally, I think you would get more gain from putting your feet on a raised platform which will bring your weight more forward(this would be harder than normal or dumbbell presses)

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