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My workout routine is as follows:





and Legs again.

I want to include some good core/ab exercises, please recommend some and tell me on which routines should I add them.

I am a skinny person, looking to build mass. I weigh 57 Kgs and am 180 cm tall.

In the past I have been doing planks, crunches, decline board sit up, leg raises. Also is it possible for me have those engraved ab muscles?

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If you are skinny. It's possible to have defined abs, as usually it's the layer of fat that causes the problem. You need to make sure all ab muscles are worked.

The plank works the transverse abdominus. Leg raises and crunches the rectus abdominus. You could do with adding something for obliques, depending on your level I would go for a russian twist, side plank or lateral crunches. It would also be worth adding some back raises to make sure you are working the whole of your truck and don't become unbalanced.

Hope that helps

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