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I'd like to time myself at 100m sprint, does anyone know of a bit of kit or app that does this? I'm not a member of a running club, I'd just be curious as to what my time would be. I know that there are a few GPS watches and such available, and I wondered if anyone had had any experiences with them.


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Hold a stopwatch in your hand, press it at the moment when you start sprinting, stop at the finish line, and then add 0.2-0.25s to simulate a reaction time as in a real start. If you are uncomfortable running with a stopwatch in your hand, then have someone else time you; start timing nce the first foot hits the ground, and at the end add about 0.6s.

This is the only cost effective strategy for someone who is "just curious". There are also laser gates, force sensitive starting blocks etc., but each cost hundreds of dollars.

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Thanks for your reply, some very useful information there :) The problem of having someone time you is that you really need 2 people to start and finish, which is why I think your stopwatch idea was good :). Thank you also for your insight into the products available on the market :D –  J Smith May 7 '14 at 12:26
The person who times you starts the stopwatch when you start running. That requires only one person and eliminates another error that occurs when you have someone to clap as a starting sign :) The bigger problem is that not everyone times the same; some people are very quick to react when you start running, while others are more laid back. I am a professional sprinter, and from my experience, the only way to get a consistent result is to do it yourself. I actually practiced timing myself from starting the stopwatch to sprinting in 0.2s; this gives almost identical times as in real races :D –  Darko Sarovic May 8 '14 at 12:12
Thank you very much for that concise answer, just what I was looking for :D I shall take your advice and do it as you have suggested, Thanks! –  J Smith May 8 '14 at 18:38

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