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I am confused on what the two are. I know the concept is working out without equipment in a high intensity fashion, but more than that, I am lost.

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I am unsure, but I tend to consider Freeletics as a subset of Crossfit. –  fbrundu Jul 2 '14 at 15:01

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Freeletics is basically CrossFit for the bodyweight exercises. It doesn't have as big of a following, but Freeletics originated in Germany. Instead of it being a lifestyle as CF is, the program is for generally 15 weeks of hard exercises. If you get the Coach, it will tell you what to do throughout the week. If not and you want all the exercises, I recommend buying the Freeletics Pro app, which is about 5 bucks. Well worth it, since you can work out anywhere and not have to pay the expensive gym fees that CF is known for.

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