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I work in a software organization and full busy in work.Go to work at 7 am and come back home at 9pm.And all the time just sit infront of a computer and no physical work at all.

And so my weight is getting increased day by day.To do any exercises I have time only after dinner after 10pm.So just wandering to know is it allowed after dinner?

Thanks in advance

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It's allowed after dinner. However you may find you get a stitch or feel too heavy to exercise. Is it not possible to eat at work and exercise as soon as you finish, or exercise at lunchtime. –  Tracy at 2bactive Jun 3 at 5:59
@Tracyat2bactive Thanks for your comment. I stay full day at work,hardly get free time –  SpringLearner Jun 3 at 6:01
I guess an alternative would be to exercise in the morning. It depends how you feel about mornings? For me, it would set me up ready for the day. Btw, if you are looking for weightless, eating late is not ideal either, as your metabolism slows as you approach bedtime –  Tracy at 2bactive Jun 3 at 9:49
@Tracyat2bactive, late night eating = bad is more of a myth than anything. There is an correlation though, wherein people tend to eat junk food uncontrollably late at night; but if we assume this is the same reasonably healthful dinner they would have had at 6pm (and there was no uncontrolled snacking between 6 and 10), there is no problem and in fact it could be beneficial. See this study or just search "late night eating good". –  Luis Jun 3 at 14:34
@Luis You seemed to have mis-interpreted the intention of the study you cited. For one, the study didn't mention when the meal was taken. This, this, and other sources out there argue that consistent eating after 8PM is likely to result in weight gain. –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Jun 4 at 20:06

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Yes it is, when I do exercises it's mostly right before I go to bed. If you find exercise with a full belly uncomfortable, see that the break after dinner is longer and experiment with what you eat.

Congrats for starting to get into shape. The most iportant thing now will be persistance - find a program that fits into your schedule and stick with it, then stick with it some more.

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Thanks for the answer.Can you please tell me how to reduce stomach fat.I watched some videos in youtube and did the same.After that my stomach became hard but fats never decreased –  SpringLearner Jun 6 at 11:21
look around this site for fat reduction. In short, there'S no spot reduction (your body chooses where it removes fat) & and you need to burn more calories than you eat. As I said, browse others questions and maybe ask a new question, stating your goals, what exercises you tried and what you eat so others can help you (I never thought much about fat loss so I'm a bit clueless there). –  mart Jun 6 at 11:28

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