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I'm 6 weeks into a beginner barbell program (Stronglifts 5x5) and have recently hit a wall in my overhead press at 75lbs.

Over the last week or so I've had pain in my left shoulder - matching an impinged rotator cuff. It's uncomfortable to sleep on but otherwise not a problem. I can only reproduce pain with certain shoulder motions (like reaching into my back pocket on the injured side). It had faded somewhat but is aggravated again after the overhead press yesterday.

Rotator cuff injuries seem serious and potential a long term problem. What's the best way to treat this aggressively?

I'm going to be taking ibuprofen and sleeping/eating well to rest up this week.

Should I take a week or two off from the overhead press? Can I safely continue the rest of my routine (Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, and Barbell Rows)? What's the best way to set a course for a good long term recovery?

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See a doctor is your best bet. –  JohnP Jun 23 at 15:17
There are several q/a about the rotator cuff. As @JohnP said, see your doctor and ask for a physical therapy (physio) eval to help you learn specific corrective stretching, strengthening and postural exercises for your shoulder and scapula. Often there is an underlying postural or muscle imbalance that needs to be addressed to improve your shoulder positioning and function. A therapist will save you a lot of time by zeroing in on what you need. An orthopedic or sports medicine doctor and therapist are best to get you back on track. Good luck. –  BackInShapeBuddy Jun 23 at 22:06
As someone who has actually had a rotator cuff repair, I concur with everything that is said here. It's very important to get the advice of a therapist and follow his/her directions. Avoid rotator cuff surgery at all cost. The recovery is long. –  rrirower Jun 24 at 12:45
Thanks, guys. I'm babying the shoulder and closely monitoring. If it hasn't recovered in a week I'll seek medical attention. –  Winfield Jun 25 at 15:12
I would be careful about asking anything even close to a medical question here. You're likely to get down voted into oblivion. (Note that I didn't down vote, just saying that some likely will.) –  Tyler Sep 24 at 2:39

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The consensus here seems to be that knee and shoulder injuries are both very serious and difficult to treat/diagnose.

Seeking attention from a professional doctor or physical therapist seems like the best advice if there's an injury that lasts more than a short period of time.

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