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I have moved to a different city and joined the gym yesterday, last night my workout consisted of 15 minutes running on the treadmill at 10 mph with a 3% incline and 3 sets of leg presses, 35 repetitions per set at 110lbs where 1 set is fast push out and slow in (for power). I forgot to add that the rest time in between each set is 15 seconds, I wanted to max out my heart rate, it worked, I could hear it more than the music playing.

now the thing is I am at work and my eyes are drooping...I haven't had nutrition after working out, I have had a lot of water. But for breakfast I had oats and that is about it.

these are my questions at the moment, sorry if I have bunched too many in to one:

  1. Should I take things like Coconut water post workout for electrolyte replenishment?
  2. Can I take those electrolyte supplements during my workout? because I sweat very heavily and loose a lot during my workout.
  3. Should I save taking things like protein supplements for the next morning or take them sometime after my workout?
  4. What do I immediately need replenishing after my workout to lower fatigue, water being the obvious and minerals etc.. I know the body acts as a sponge for sometime after working out so it is better during that time to take things like protein, but I would really like to stop/lower my fatigue.

I sleep for 6 hours a day, usually no more and definitely no less.

I have read articles on these questions, but here I can describe my workouts and get a more suitable answer, thank you all in advance for your help.

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I drink Glycofuse by Gaspari Nutrition during my workouts. It's pure carbohydrates. Keep's me going during my workout. I also do a protein shake after workouts (and then a meal afer that). 6 hours a day is too little sleep, especially if you're exercising. I noticed the drooping eyes you described as well when I was getting less than 8 hours sleep. Personally, the difference between 8 and 6 hours is huge. –  Soylent Green Jul 8 at 14:27
thank you @SoylentGreen but I have a question about the supplement that is pure carbohydrates, if I were exercising for weight loss, would the carbohydrates not be in the way of my body burning fat? –  user2405469 Jul 8 at 14:34
I'll start by saying I am trying to GAIN weight, so I eat as many calories as I can each day. That being said, Glycofuse is a low calorie, easily digestible carbohydrate that I burn up at the gym anyway. By the time I leave the gym, I have already burnt up the calories I drank while I was there. I sound like a company evangelist, but I'm not :P The point is, you need some fuel while you're at the gym (at least I do). –  Soylent Green Jul 8 at 14:39
@SoylentGreen that's kool, I was just wondering is all, you don't sound like that at all. –  user2405469 Jul 8 at 14:44
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