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I have 12/8 BP normally, but when I am working Its getting to 8/5,

is this normal? should I do something to keep my BP to around normal?

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If you truly had a blood pressure of 12/8, you'd be dead. Did you mean 120/80 and 80/50? And how are you measuring this? –  JohnP Jul 14 at 22:18
ofc. I mean 120/80 and 80/50. I use this comparestoreprices.co.uk/images/br/braun-bp-2510.jpg –  Mert Jul 15 at 6:46
Check with your doctor. If your blood pressure drops while you are working out, it may be an early warning sign for heart disease. It may not be a warning sign, but only your doctor can check it out. –  BackInShapeBuddy Jul 22 at 8:02

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