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Last summer I haven't job and got a lot of free time so I often was at the gym and achived some results there. But in march things have changed and I just waking in 5:45 am and coming home at 8 pm or like that. And I just gain more fat etc.

Whatever, I decided to buy dumbelss - I got not so lot place in my room thats why I thinking about it.

So, I understand how I can make some excercises for hands (in the gym I never was doing exercises for hands only btw), some chess excercises and abs. But is there a good base excercises for legs and back?

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Here you go. Not exactly the same question as yours, but should have enough carryover to at least get started. –  LarissaGodzilla Jul 24 at 5:48
@LarissaGodzilla oh thx. Deadlift with the dumbbells? Oh wow –  Danil Gholtsman Jul 24 at 5:57
You would probably find more success in a calisthenics routine in your situation. With a limited amount of dumbbells its hard to progressively overload unlike with a calisthenics routine where you can do harder variations of certain exercises when they become too easy. Ex: pullups to wide grip pullups, leg raises to front levers etc. –  user2769651 Jul 24 at 13:55

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