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I'm a 60-year-old male. I'm a professional whitewater kayaking instructor, and I like to compete in kayak surfing. My goal is to get in as good a shape for those sports as my limited time allows. While I've always been very active, I am not and never really have been a top-flight competitor/athlete.

Because of joint issues I've had to stop hard weight training, but paddling hard is still within my abilities. Between an injury and an operation, I'm still getting back into decent condition.

I have been doing Tabata intervals with the kayak between one and three times a week. While they feel great, and they do give me a serious workout-- my paddling stamina is far better and I can feel my lats bumping up against my triceps lately -- I know that running would be an even better cardio workout.

I know that Tabata should not be an everyday thing. However, should it be considered as separate types of workout for completely different muscle groups? In other words, if I do my kayaking Tabata workout on M-W-F, and on one or two of the alternate days I do a running Tabata, is that too much stress on the aerobic system?

Or should I consider each Tabata day as if all of them were the same, and only do three a week no matter which one I do? Or maybe max out at two Tabata days/week for each muscle group?

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