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About me: 145 pounds, 170cm tall & female.

Aim: build muscle and & lose body fat.

Currently: training 5 times a week (1 hour cardio, 1 hour weight training).

Question: Would BCAA's only help with protein synthesis and muscle gain or do they help with weight loss as well?

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BCAAs contain 4 Calories per gram, just like proteins, so they don't likely promote weight loss. Also, BCAAs are used as appetite stimulants in patients on hemodialysis and in cancer patients. Source:

I've also found no quality studies that would show that BCAAs help in muscle gain.

The only exercise-related effect of BCAAs seem to be reduced muscle soreness after training. Source: PubMed

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You can read more than you care to in's article on BCAAs. There seems to be some aid to endurance if taken when fasting before training, but not much else. Effects are minor all around, regardless.

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