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I just started the beginner workout program of You Are Your Own Gym. The first two weeks are described as "low intensity" aimed at "muscular endurance" using "ladders".

Is it meaningful to worry about heart rates with this kind of workout, or should I rather focus on form and/or repetition count? If it matters, what kind of heart rate should I aim for?

Depending on the formula/calculator I use, I get general target heart rate ranges such as 133-143, 116-173 and 145-165 (thanks, internet). I observed average heart rates of about 110 (including breaks, all below 1min) and maximum between 130 and 140; at rest it's 70-75. The average heart rate seems low compared to the target figures I found, hence the question.
All measurements performed with a heart rate monitor.

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Heart rate is so variable, I personally never use it as a training metric. –  JohnP Aug 4 '14 at 22:51

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