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My question is two part:

I have very muscular thighs and legs coming from years of swimming and running since I was a tiny boy.

The thing is both my thighs and legs are pretty jiggly when I don't flex them. If I do flex/tighten them, they look nice and muscular.

So (1) what really is going on here ? Is it muscle laced with fat ? Or just muscle yet to be toned ?

(2) Can I work to tightening it up? Is it even possibly or is it just part of my physique ? How do I Tighten or tone it?

(I am now for 3 months on a workout program for upper and lower body and my lower body workout consists of lunges, squats and what not in compound sets)

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Sounds like a good plan. Could it be muscle and fat? Sure. Of course relaxed muscle isn't going to be as firm as tensed muscle. The lower body work you have planned looks good. – Berin Loritsch Aug 5 '14 at 18:40
This is for sure extra body fat that you need to burn off! I have the same problem! You just need to do running exercises or cardio excercises in general to lose this extra body fat that are covering your muscles! – user10408 Aug 6 '14 at 17:18

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