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I used to think that best way to train a muscle is to do reps very slowly, but from the ACSM's manual I learned that it is a myth. Now that made me wonder about controlled release of muscle contraction (the latter half of a repetition). i.e. lowering your body down in controlled manner in a pullup/chinup, lowering the dumbell in a controlled way in dumbbell curls, for example.

Is controlled release of muscle contraction more beneficial (what ever your training goal may be) than free release? If it is beneficial, how beneficial would it be? Because, there will be a trade off between no. of reps & this controlled release technique. I mean for any weight training exercise, you'll be able to perform less no. of reps if you are doing this controlled release thing.

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From experience, sometimes I experience some ache if I release myself from a pullup very fast. I'm not sure if there's a benefit to releasing it slowly, but I usually do that, just to be safe. Not sure if this is of any help. –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Aug 8 at 21:07
@Kneel-Before-ZOD: Yeah, makes sense too. I didn't think of it that way. Thanks for commenting :) –  claws Aug 8 at 21:34
When you do reps slowly, you increase the time under tension for the muscle which, I think, is more beneficial. –  Peter Aug 8 at 21:48
@Kneel-Before-ZOD - Yeah, when you jerk or let weights plummet, you put a lot of stress on joints and impact points (Such as a barbell bouncing off your chest on a bench). There is a reason that the vast majority of top competitive cross-fit people have all had major injuries and rehab. –  JohnP Aug 11 at 4:45

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