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Im 5ft 6in and 53kg and how much weight do i need to squat for high vertical jump for example around 30 inch vertical.

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Can you provide more background information to inform others about why you feel you need squats in order to jump higher. –  Kneel-Before-ZOD Aug 9 at 0:00
What context are we talking for a vertical jump? Basketball, or a standing vertical? In Basketball, you need to train your reactive jumping ability. Squats do help, but it's reactive jumping is a skill you need to develop to make use of the strength. –  Berin Loritsch Sep 8 at 11:21

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Squats are important to improve strength, and will help somewhat with your jumps. However, to get better at a particular movement, you should practice it that movement.

I recommend box jumps.

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Your question has no answer !! Since when you can messure how much the vertica leap can be depending on how much you can squat ! Vertical jump = strenght + speed In order to develop your Vertical jump you need to combine a greay amount of strenght with great speed and flexibility ! If you are a twi feet jumper ! yes you might need some squat routines but if you are a single leg jumper i bet that with 55 kg i cannot squat your own BW!

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