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This year I've been running much more than years past, and I have my first trail half marathon (with 2500' of elevation gain) coming up in 1 week. 3 weeks ago I was running a hilly training run and my Achilles got really tight and painful. I took it easy for a week, but it keeps flaring up on training runs. I've found lots of ice, and Ibuprofen seems to help some, as well as rolling my calves seems to help... and i've resorted to cross training only these last 2 weeks to give it some rest.

I'm to stubborn to not run my race, and so my question(s) is(are):

  • Will wearing compression sleeves or socks help with this issue?
  • Are some brands better for the Achilles tendon than others?
  • Are socks better than sleeves?
  • Is there any chance wearing compression socks/sleeves would make the issue worse?
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"Resorted to cross training" ::facepalm:: –  JohnP Aug 18 at 22:18

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I am not sure if a Calf sleeve is going to solve your problem, it certainly won't hurt.

Here is what I suggest:

Stretch before you run Ice after and often during the day Take Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling Avoid hills if you can: The strain on your achilles is greater as you ascend a hill Slow down, the less strain you put on your achilles the less likely you will damage it. If it is persistently sore - STOP RUNNING

The most important part is REST


I didn't stop running and I have had some scar tissue that is annoying and sore. If you rest and let it heal now, you will save yourself weeks of recovery in the future.

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