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I'm currently using a good, but cheap, weight lifting belt - and looking to upgrade. I heard that one that is the same width all around is the best. Can you recommend a good one/brand.

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Off topic, as this is asking for shopping recommendations, which are off topic according to the faq. – Baarn Dec 30 '12 at 0:29

I did a little searching and found both some recommendations and some counter arguments. The general opinion is that you get what you pay for. So first a thread covering the recommendations. The most recommendations I saw were for single prong Inzer belts, and nothing on whether it should be the same all the way around or wider in the back.

However, the counterpoint is also worth looking into. Essentially the points put forward by Stuart McGill are that belts don't help unless:

  • You've injured your back
  • You have bad technique
  • You need to lift a few more pounds than you are currently capable of

More concerning is the idea that an injury while wearing the belt will be worse than if not wearing a belt.

Back to recommendations.... Starting Strength forum's first recommendations were for Inzer got another recommendation there. Again the recommendation is for single prong belts.

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