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I workout a lot and one day during my deadlift, I exceded my limit. So, I had a little pain a while after that in my lower back and it evolved a little bit. I went to the doctor and checked it. He told me that it is a lower back pain in the tendons right in the lumbar region. He gave me some muscle relaxant and it really helped for that time. After I finished the treatment the pain stayed but not like before. So I started stretch more when working out and focused on the form not on the weight. But it has been 4 months and the pain still there. Some said it may be a chronic lower back pain. Is there some kind of workout that might help to cure it?

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Great visual! Try implementing lots of stretching and core work as indicated in the photo.

Planks help, back extensions & supermans as well.

There could be a good possibility your abdominal area is a bit stronger and pulling forward causing more strain on your lower back to balance it out.

Another possibility is your form can be off on the deadlift. I would highly recommend you try and find a way to see yourself deadlifting to get an idea of where your for could be off.

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Summit Medical Group has some great rehabilitation resources. Here are some strengthening and stretching exercises they recommend for people with low back pain.

enter image description here

On the page linked above, they also suggest sports and activities to avoid, as well as activities that are good for people with lower back problems.

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