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For gastroesophageal reflux patient, what kinds of sports are helpful and what are not suitable?

Should swimming be avoided?

How about weight lifting, running, yoga, ...?

Thanks and regards!

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I'm no doctor, but if he didn't tell you now to do anything in particular, than why should we expect any problems? Besides it will mostly depend on the severity of the condition. – Ivo Flipse Jun 20 '11 at 7:42
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Well, part of the answer depends on how/why you've got GERD. If yours is like mine [A], you need to do things that do not compress the abdomen (road biking [B] and sit-ups) as well as keep ones' head raised above one's body (so no hanging upside down). None of the nearby gyms [C] have pools, so I can't test swimming.

A - I shouldn't eat chocolate, alcohol or fatty foods, as those irritate the situation.
B - With the ram's horns handlbars. Ones where I sit upright (such as hybrid, mountain or commuter bikes are fine).
C - In the chain I'm a member of.

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