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I have been slowly getting back into shape. Started with my diet and have since added walking for half an hour most days. I haven't been tracking my weight because I am not so concerned by weight as actual fat. I have lost almost 2 clothing sizes.

Recently I have been starting to jog as well as walk, slowly increasing the distance I jog. That has been going well and I have also tried doing short sprints in between long walks just to shake things up a bit. In addition to losing fat I also want to get back to a reasonable fitness level.

When doing short sprints I notice a rather sharp pain in my shins. I am wondering what this is and if it will go away as I continue to get fitter and lose weight.

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Disclaimer: I am not medically qualified, but sounds like it may be Shin Splints:

Here's a Runner's World article with more information on them:

I would still see a Doctor to confirm.

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Thanks for the links – Tim Jul 5 '11 at 21:22

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