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Can I apply pain relieving gel after muscular workout? I would feel much better using such gel and maybe faster to get to comfortable enough to have workout again, but I am wondering if there are difference done to my muscle.

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Care to tell us what the gel is or what may be in it? Its probably just improving the blood flow locally which can feel pleasant. – Ivo Flipse Jul 26 '11 at 8:42
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Here's an interesting article about overuse of sports cream:

I think it points to a very simple, but valid point - the continued use of any medication that is not prescribed and supervised by a Dr. has the potential of direct long term harm OR continued masking of the base issue. If you are under continued and severe enough pain to require continued/overuse of any pain relieving product, it's time to see a Dr. OR modify what you're doing. Like the punch line to the old joke about 'it hurts when I do this' the response is 'stop doing it'

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That's really horrible!! – lamwaiman1988 Jul 27 '11 at 1:10

It is OK to apply products like Bio Freeze on occasion. I use it for spot treatment of sore muscles throughout the year. I would not recommend doing this as part of a daily routine however for two reasons. First, it shouldn't be necessary. Second, if you have muscle soreness that often, you are probably doing something else wrong (nutrition, form, etc).

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I sometimes get muscle soreness from a fairly hard workout, but I don't apply any gel or cream on it as the pain goes away in a couple of days. But if you're feeling something that's chronic then apply gel then see a doctor.

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