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A gym had a machine which allowed the user to sit on its chair and push the pedals back with his feat, the pedals had variable weights.

this was attached to a very big equipment with many other exercise,

I would like to know the name of the equipment which would offer such exercise so a purchase could be made for local store.

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It sounds like what you are describing might be a leg press. As for being attached to other weightlifting apparatuses, I don't have any idea which one it could be. This particular image though is from a Powerline Home Gym. From what I can gather from Body-Solid (the company that manufacturers this equipment), there is a leg press attachment that is sold separately from their home gyms.

Powerline P1X Home Gym - Leg Press

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wrong: "this was attached to a very big equipment with many other exercise" That's not a leg press mate. – James South Feb 10 '12 at 16:53

I take it you are talking about something like one of these?


That would be something called a multigym

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