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How much daily time is appropriate for a child of 7 years to do the routines in the game "Fit in Six" on the PlayStation 3?

My son is thin, but is very active and likes these routines. However, I do not know to what extent such exercises are safe and healthy; I do not permit it every day.

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When I was six or seven, I played outside, running and climbing trees and fences until I "needed" to go home because it was getting dark or my parentally-imposed time-limit for fun had arrived. As long as you're child isn't getting drenched in his clothing - he should be ok.

If you're worried about him being exposed to an extreme amount of exercise, note that there are leagues/clubs all over the US for youths his age to do just about every event in Track & Field. will likely have information on it. I doubt the PS3 trumps that level of exertion.

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I would agree. Just make sure he eats well and gets enough fluids if he gets too addicted. – Salsero69 May 10 '12 at 2:44

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