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I am trying to reduce my abdominal fat so that I can see my abs :) currently my BMI is around 22, which is a normal weight, I do Running and weight training every alternate day, and to reduce weight seems to be easy, but problem is as I reduce weight further I see more effect on my face than abdomen, I feel abdomen is within reach (about 1 inch fat) but I am scared to reduce weight lest my face will look too skinny.

So is there any way to reduce fat from abdomen without loosing fat from face?

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Maybe you just look more tired or you're dehydrated. If you're BMI is where you say I doubt your face has a lot of excess fat, unless you have a big underhang below your chin. What areas of your face seem to be getting "skinnier"? – VISQL May 14 '12 at 19:40

No. You can't target your fat loss to a particular region. See these answers for more details:

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