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I have much large belly fat as compared to upper body. Daily i do weight training (45min to 1 hr) + cardiovascular (45 min). I want to make upper body muscles , simultaneoulsy want to reduce my large belly.

The questions

1 . Eating after working out

2 . How long should I wait with eating after an exercise?

3 . Duration between workout and dinner

The answers on above questions have made me confused to wheather take diet just after excercise or wait for long in order to reduce belly.

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IMO you should always eat after exercise to replenish glycogen and protein.

Waiting (or not) will not be the gating factor in determining if you lose belly fat.

Losing fat is (largely) a matter of math: expend more calories than you consume. Differences caused by specific post-working meal timing will be trivial compared to overall, long-term habits.

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