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Are there free alternatives for the Nike Training Club, which run on a windows or linux pc or just online via web-browser?

List of features, from the iTunes App Store description:

  • Full-body workouts for 30 or 45 minutes. Targeted and professional athlete workouts for 15 minutes. Set a favorite workout as your Quick-Start.
  • 130 multi-dimensional, multi-directional drills build on the fundamentals of strength, cardio, interval and core training.
  • Exclusive rewards including workouts from Rihanna’s personal trainer, professional athletes, celebrities, yoga instructors and more.
  • Simple functionality optimizes every workout. Select your goal and fitness level, then choose from a list of workouts that meet your criteria.
  • Set your workout to albums and playlists from your own music library.
  • Audio guidance keeps you on track and motivated while working out.
  • Access step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for every drill at any time.
  • Track details of your workout history and training progress.
  • Share your workout and reward status on Facebook and Twitter.
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Please be more precise about what it does or what you expect from an alternative to fulfill your needs. – Baarn Sep 22 '12 at 19:18
@Informaficker I have just seen Nike Training Club and it seems to be a very interesting app. However I don't have an iphone/ipad, in addition I find it better to have something like this on pc. So I just want to ask if there is something which comes very close to this for other platforms as well. – Sarah Sep 23 '12 at 12:17
Most of the fitness programs you're looking for tend to be mobile-based (in the sense that people don't exercise right next to a computer), but generally they should have an online counterpart available via regular web browser. You might want to look at DailyBurn which claims to have custom fitness plans or JEFIT which has some exercise routines as well. Fivi also might be worth checking out. – Matt Chan Sep 23 '12 at 19:54

With free alternatives, you aren't going to come across too many that can rival a Nike premium app. In reality, you would probably need to use a combination of one or more different apps to do so.

If you wanted randomly generated circuit training or workout routines, try: It randomly generates workouts based off of your desired program level, and provides guides on doing each exercise.

If you already have a program in mind and wanted to track your progress/history, search for that specific program in the Play/App Store. When I did StrongLifts I found at least 5 suitable free apps to use for monitoring my progress.

If you are looking more for the social aspect of working out, try It turns fitness into a game of "leveling up" where you can compete and play with your friends.

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