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What kind of running did you do before your 2-3 hiatus? Did you ever do speed training before? 10 days prior to the race doesn't leave you with any options really. Your plan of attack REALLY depends on the kind of running you have done in the past. If you were a runner before the break, you should try to run almost every day leading up to the run. I'd ...


You don't want to beat your body up too much right before a race. Generally, the advice is to taper your training 1-2 weeks before. However, if you were a runner before your 2-3 month break, then a 5k might not be too much for your body to handle, and you could just train up to a few days before. Your training should depend partially on your goals (speed? ...


For everything less than 15 km, you really don't need any special preparations compared to a normal training run of the same length. Neither for the day before, the hours just before the run nor during the run itself. If the run is in the morning, I usually try to avoid anything excessive spicy or greasy the evening before - this is just to make sure I don't ...


I would eat and drink normally the day before the race and the day of the race. Do exactly what you've done during training. If you need to stop eating a certain time before training then stop eating at the same time before the race. A 5km is not going to dehydrate you. It's basically just a really long sprint.

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