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Simply keep at it and make sure you aren't eating more in response to your exercise routine. Most likely though the muscles in your thighs have to get used to being used and will build up to a certain point. You're also unlikely to see much weight loss at this point. The good news is once you do lose weight, you'll have great thighs. Alternately, since you ...


These are some of my "conditioning" exercises, mainly around "core". Seated medicine ball tosses. I keep my heels off the ground, legs bent. If I don't have my buddy I toss against the wall maybe ~3 feet away. Barbell cleans. Not too heavy, something I'm comfortable doing reps of 8. Medicine ball sit up toss. Bicycle crunches. On the rings, front and back ...


Front planks, side planks, rollouts w/stability ball, barbell or wheel, jackknifes w/stability ball, pikes with stability ball, front plank/stir the pot on stability ball.

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