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You don't need up and down, up and down. Just hold in contract position for 30 seconds. Do this 3 times, 30 seconds each exercise. You will see your body transformation. Regards


Crunches won't destroy your spine, situps will. This isn't hearsay or 'broscience', this is based on the extensive research of Dr. Stuart McGill who has made his living studying abdominal movements from the frail to elite sports people. Situps require an unnatural flexing of the spine under tension that dramatically increases the risk of spinal damage. ...


The rectus abdominus works to curl the torso, and bring the lower part of the ribcage forward and down. It is one muscle, and as such, any exercise that curls the body works the entire muscle. The "upper and lower" abdominal belief is pretty much a myth. Whether you curl down towards your legs or up towards your head, the entire muscle is contracting. The ...


Crunches overdevelop the top 4 ( or crown ) of your 8 pack abdominal muscles, unless you are compensating by doing a lot of lower abdominal exercises. A sit up is also not the best abdominal exercise for core strength. Try V-Ups, Jack knifes, Leg Raises, Weighted Planks, Front Levers, etc.

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