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I think that's your biceps femoris, as it connects to your lateral hamstring tendon. Posterior view of your leg (looking at your leg from behind). You'll note the vastus lateralis (huge outer section of your quad) is on the same side, so we're talking the outer (lateral) side of your leg. Getting the words straight, tendons connect muscle to bone as where ...


You should absolutely be doing some compound exercises for legs and lower back in order to improve posture. A 5-degree bend at the knees isn't going to empower a straight spine and a strong back, which are the primary facilitators of good posture. Squats and deadlifts are our saviors here. For even more engagement, you might even want to try some olympic ...


It is simply because the superficial muscle is the external most muscle that gives the body its contour. While deep muscles are deeper in the body closest to the bone.

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