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It may be a little late now, but I think the pain is in your rotator cuff, which can lead to injuries. I had the same pain, exactly as you mentioned but an easy fix will prevent/stop this pain. Keep your elbows tucked as close to your body as possible while doing a press up. Think of pushing through your armpit as you push up, making sure your elbows don't ...


Yes, the exercise is commonly referred to as a "back raise", and is done on a pretty rudimentary piece of equipment. Here are some you can buy on eBay: At some point, you might feel the need to add resistance, so you could incorporate holding some weight plates, or something equivalent.


Pull-push question probably should be separated from here, so I'm sticking with the abs. Ab-wheels are great, and for anyone that's in pretty top notch shape with good shoulders and good body mechanics, I'd recommend them. But they're an advanced exercise and it's easy to hurt your back, shoulders, and wrists if you're not there yet. No need to jump the ...

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