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If it must be at home, then it really depends on the architecture and furnishings of your house. My friend's place has a floating beam in the living room, which is not bad for doing pull ups on. I don't have such a beam - not everyone is going to have something at home that's satisfactory for pull ups. So that's when you need to check out places outside of ...


I've had good luck with the Iron Gym Pull Up bar. It does require a standard-size door with a reasonably secure/level lintel and a few inches room on either side (much to my chagrin, I only have one door in the house where this applies, a bathroom). It costs about $25-30 in stores, but they show up fairly often on Freecycle for free, or on Craigslist for $5 ...


If you don't have anything to use that will give you a good grip, you'll need to buy/steal/borrow something. You can build your own for roughly $20. You can also spend $25 and get a cheap pair of rings (nice ones will set you back ~$40-$50). With those you can do levers, dips, pullups, muscle ups, shoot throughs, and much else.

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