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For lower back and lower body strength , mobility and flexibility you can do the check out the following links: Foundation workout Ido's Squat Clinic Routine - Mobility


Hmm, never heard something about Feldenkreis? I love sport. I'm not superstitious. I think it relax and stretch the muscles and tends in places that are very difficult to stretch. For example after 20 min working on the neck the circumference roundabout is larger. Same for other joints. I thing Feldenkreis ...


I personally use a YouTube yoga channel and just do the mellow beginners videos in the morning. There are a lot of options and different people providing videos so with a little investigation I would suspect you could find something that fits your style and time availability. You don't need any specialty equipment and it works balance, core and flexibility. ...


Short exercises I can do of a morning, without specialist equipment, that will specifically help me with balance and both flexibility and strength in my legs and back? Look to reddits r/bodyweightfitness for more help with these but here is a list of the recommended exercises: Leg Work (progression) Squat Progression Pistol Squat Progression Deep ...

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