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It does both. The amount of chest involvement depends on the width of your hand placement. Experiment with that and make note of where you feel it in your chest most. Flat bench also works your shoulders, primarily the anterior delts The further inclined you are the more you hit the mid and rear delts as well All barbell bench variations will involve ...


I think there u answered the question yourself. .. train your back. Some Romanian deadlifting and Band pull aparts will solve your problem quickly. As you are wanting to get some strength low heavy reps with multiple sets will do the Trick.


People probably call the "hip press" by another name: Dumbbell Floor Press That's a name that includes elbows flared, palms facing, and in the middle (hip press). With that in mind, I know several people who employ: Barbell Floor Press Reverse Grip Bench Press Both are valid exercises. Personally, I get more chest activation with dumbbells. ...

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