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If you are doing it in proper form, it'll build your middle back, lower back, glutes, legs and it'll also help strength the sides of the abs. Your shoulders and traps should see almost no change. You do get your traps sore because of all the weight that is resting on top of them but you are not putting them under tension. If you want to build your ...


Bodybuilders are more concerned with isolation work than strength athletes are. Body building, at it's core, is about body modification. With dumbbells you can get a lot more specific and target certain things in very specific ways. Barbells shine in certain key areas however: Squats/deadlifts/cleans. You can sort of do these with dumbbells, but not in ...


I think Jeff Cavaliere covers most of the important points here.


Flipping the explanation in the answer provided by Mârten, I believe the downside of barbells is that they could potentially prevent you from developing both sides of your upper body equally. Put another way, a benefit of dumbbells is that they force both arms to work independently of the other. Working each arm individually may help you to develop the ...


Barbells lets you use significantly more weight than dumbbells because you don't have to use as much balance, very few people use dumbbells half as heavy as their barbells, personally, I can add about 25% of the weight I'd use with dumbbells in total. This means you can put a heavier load on your triceps, pecs and shoulders (maybe), which in turn means ...


I use FitNotes in order to keep all of my exercises in one place. You can write down the exercises and divide them to different muscle groups in order to understand on which days you worked on which muscles.

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