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Just to add some advice for your problem (kinda got the same) : Don't starve yourselfs. Eat enough, but good nutriments. If you eat too much or bad aliments, you will take weights. But if you don't eat enough, you will loose some fat only temporally. Once you will eat a little more again, your body will stack more fat, just in case of another starvation. ...


There may be a lot of visceral fat in the abdomen, and round the heart which may explain the shape. This should be of some concern. The answer is the same however , regardless of the motives, be they vanity/pride or concern for health. More fat burning activity, and less fat producing eating, simple as that! David form Cornwall U.K


As yisrael said in his answer, so-called "spot reduction" through exercise is now generally regarded as a myth and impossible. But there can be other factors that affect fat distribution and how easily it accumulates. There's multiple studies showing an inverse relation between testosterone levels and abdominal fat, although some of it is specifically ...


You cannot target fat burn to one specific part of your body. The only thing you can do is lose weight and eventually it will come off. I would recommend lifting some weights and making sure you get in enough protein so you don't lose muscle while you lose the fat you want to lose

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