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You really should state your age when asking such a question. If you're still growing, we will have to take a different approach towards guiding you, than is the case if you're fully grown. If you're an adult, it's really quite simple: If you consume fewer calories (energy) than you burn (through exercise etc), then you will lose weight If you consume as ...


Your reliance on "going for some runs at night" makes me think you're not focusing on diet and nutrition. Track your calories, drop most of the carbs, stength train, get a physical sport/hobby, and up the protein. It's a lot of life modifications but it's the only long term path I know of that works. Welcome to getting older.


I've just had this done as a part of a range of tests through a program run at my job. Essentially the company involved does what they call a "Health Screen". You'll find many by doing a search for that term. As you can see from this link here showing packages, body fat % is a standard even on the basic one which is pretty cheap. As well as the consultation, ...

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