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It looks like I eat more at lunch than you eat during the whole day. If you are still getting fat on this diet, then you should first do a medical check up to rule out problems like e.g. thyroid problems. Absent any medical problems, you should start to exercise a lot more and then later actually increase your food intake. You won't get fat if you training ...


Use a calorie expenditure calculator like this one to find your target estimate for intake. Count your calories and hit that estimate every day. After one or two weeks, if your weight has not decreased, reduce your caloric intake by 100-500 calories per day. If you eat more calories than you burn, you get fatter. It's that simple.


There are huge gaps between meals. Divide your large meals into 5-6 smaller meals. I am no expert but that helped me. May be you can start doing some little exercises - planks, crunches, situps. Include some 10 mins in a day for these exercises. This is my humble opinion. Hope it helps

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