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I believe so, but unless the person in question is benching themselves, you can't expect them to stay around to spot you for more than one or possibly two sets, so your best bet is to find someone else who is benching at a similar weight and take turns.


Around here (Russia) it is very common to ask random people who are resting nearby to spot you. If you are training with a partner, it is of course proper to first ask them, and only turn to other people if your partner is unable to spot you, e. g. due to being busy with their own exercises which allow for no pause or having temporary arm disability. I ...


It's a little hard to write this out, but when benching "power lifter style", I usually approach like this: Try to drive your shoulder blades into the bench. You want lots of positive and balanced contact between your upper back and the pad. You will be on the toes / balls of your feet, which helps to arch your back. Your feet will be nearly under your ...


It is OK, but understand that you need to communicate your expectations very clearly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don't know how to spot. If all you need is a lift off, ask them to give you a lift off and don't touch the bar until you ask for help. If you are really stretching yourself and going for a personal max, I recommend doing ...

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