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I don't understand what you meant by 21's dumbbell exercise . But believe that you are asking if dumbbell exercise is better or biceps barbell curls , then the answer would be for working the peak of the biceps , dumbbell concentration curl is the best option, while biceps barbell curl are for increasing the width of the biceps . Dumbbell ...


Well basically to build muscle you need to be lifting HEAVY, if you can do more than 10 reps, go up weight. to really tear the muscle and make it grow, train biceps twixce a week. do isolation exefcises such as bicep curls, do 5 sets of 10 reps, then continue with other exercises. the main reason people who lift don't gain muscle is because they don't eat ...


Definition comes from lowering your Body fat. Chalking up my hands and doing heavy Deadlifting has given me more strength in my forearms than any isolated movement.


I would recommend you perform exercises that isolate the biceps. For example, one arm dumbbell curls. There are many other exercises you can perform, but, the point is to try and isolate the muscle. Try to do 10 to 12 reps.

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